It’s a Brave New World

Digital discussion series on the creative industry trends during and post-COVID-19

Trendo.mxWhat Design Can Do Mexico and the Centro de Futuros present “It’s a Brave New World,” a digital discussion series on the creative industry trends during and post-COVID-19. “It’s a Brave New World” will pay particular attention to the future of the industries (fashion, product design, graphic design, experiences & food design, spatial design, the future of the industries, among others) beyond 2020. We will discuss and dive deeper into subjects like shifts in the retail market, changes in the ways we design and showcase products and services, as well as consumption patterns and the implications – both positive and negative – that the current situation will have on the creative ecosystem, as we live on a planet that is desperate for change. 

Each discussion will inform the development of a living and breathing document about the future possible scenarios on trends and the standing of the creative industries in a post COVID-19 world.

This node is a none-profit collaboration between Centro de Futuros and the following organizations:

Latin American Trend Authority founded in 2015. is a company, based in Mexico City, dedicated to trend forecasting. Our goal is to know what consumers want in Mexico and Latin America. Through data gathering, sociocultural studies and understanding of a region, we create original insights directed to design, fashion, retail and other consumer based industries.

What Design Can Do

What Design Can Do (WDCD) is an international organization that highlights the power that design and creativity has, and can have, in addressing the most pressing issues of our times. WDCD empowers creative communities around the world through annual international festivals in Amsterdam, São Paulo and Mexico City; inspires tangible action through a recurrent global “WDCD Challenge” that finds and catalyzes design-based solutions to real social and environmental issues; and showcases, via digital and print content, the latest and edgiest designs that are transforming people’s lives. 

Since its founding in 2011, WDCD has organized 14 design festivals, has developed 3 global challenges that have generated over 1,750 solutions to problems like climate change and the refugee crisis, and continues to publish dynamic content that is seen as a reference in the world of design.

When and where?

Weekly panels that last around 40 minutes will be broadcasted through Facebook Live in all the pages of our organizers and allies. Stay tuned!

Day Hour (Mexico) Topic
14 May 12:00 What’s Next: Global Trends Post-COVID 19
21 May 12:00 Design to the Future
04 June12:00 Design Technology
11 June12:00 Future in media
18 June12:00 Quarantine of consumption hangover
25 June12:00 A Brave New World

What’s Next: Global Trends Post-COVID 19

14 May – 12:00 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform how we live and what we consume, after many decades of seeking products and services to support what seems to be a constant feeling of unfulfillment. The uncertainty of the current crisis has forced consumers to re-think what is really necessary, seeking basic and simple things while at home, and has questioned the market as to whether this minimal trend will last a post-pandemic scenario. 

What is the future outlook for trends in the creative industries? Has the current crisis completely transformed consumer habits or will we revert back to an overconsumption lifestyle?


  • Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK (UK/NYC)
  • Gustavo Prado, Founder of (Mexico)
  • Alix Hope, Creative Strategy Lead at Bompas & Parr (UK)
  • Santiago Arroyave, General Director at (Mexico)

Design to the Future

21 May – 12:00

The design industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation, where many designers, brands and producers are unsure of what lies ahead. Complexities within supply chains and the unprecedented slowdown in demand, has brought the design world to a halt, but, at the same time, it is giving time for creatives to restructure and rebuild towards a brand new reality. 

How will the COVID-19 crisis affect the world of design? What shifts do we foresee happening in the spaces we create, the products we develop and the visual elements we design? Is COVID-19 the breaking point towards a sustainable future of design? What changes will we experience with the traditional physical exhibition, retail and trade show spaces?


  • Ignacio Tovar, Director of Centro de Futuros (Mexico)
  • Johanna Schmeer, Designer, artist, and researcher (UK)
  • Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farrecin, Formafantasma designers (Italy)

Design Technology

04 June – 12:00

As technology advances in a world of shocks and disruptions, we increasingly see that the barriers between the imagined, digital and physical worlds begin to collapse. As digital tools continue to democratize the creative processes, the transition from idea to materialization – whether physical or digital – is becoming more commonplace, and technology is increasingly seen as a transformational tool for the shaping of a brighter future.


  • Richard van der Laken (NL) – Founder and Director – What Design Can Do
  • Ignacio Tovar (MEX) – Founder and Head of Centro de Futuros
  • Zach Lieberman (USA) – Educator, Art Technologist.
  • Daniela Paredes Fuentes (MEX) – Founder, Gravity Sketch
  • Chad Knight (USA) – Media Artist and Director of 3D Design, Nike

Future in media

11 June – 12:00

Undoubtedly, the covid pandemic has become very active in the media and social networks spreading information and as new form of entertainment, but how important is it in the world we live in today and how will this evolve after the closure? What will be the new fundamental role of the media and how does it affect their credibility? In a scenario where design, content generators, influencers and reports converge in the same situation.

As we migrated to the digital world, the way we consume information changed drastically over the past decades. Now in a COVID-19 era the role of digital outlets has never been more relevant, and the design world is not the exception. Join us in a conversation between Richard van der L and Marcus Fairs



  • Marcus Fairs, Founder & Editor Dezeen (UK)
  • Richard van der Laken, Co-Founder and Creative Director of WDCD (Netherlands)